Q: What is a R&R? 
A: Occasionally items such as ELECTRONIC INSTREMENT CLUSTERS or RADIOS are not in stock with a manufacturer or us. If this is the case, we offer an R&R (Return & Rebuild) to remanufacture the part you have. The process has to be handled as a phone order. We will take the information needed to supply the correct item, we will then send a remanufactured part to you, at which point you will swap it out for the broken item in your vehicle. You will then return the broken unit to us, using a prepaid ups return label. 

Q: Why are your prices so much lower than at my local store or dealership?  
A: Our prices are lower because our costs are lower, because of the huge volume of parts we sell on a daily basis. This allows us to negotiate better purchase deals with the manufacturers and pass the savings along to the consumer. Purchasing parts and accessories for your vehicle shouldnít put you in the ìpoor house" we ship directly to our customers from our warehouses or manufacturers. We pass the savings on to our customers with lower prices. Our cost savings are all in distribution, though--the parts we sell are the same first-quality merchandise you'd find in any reputable store.

Q: I want to make sure I get the right part. Do you have photos of the parts?  
A:Most of the parts listed in our catalog have photos and/or other descriptive information available. Please click the "Illustration" button located to the left side of the part in the catalog. 

Q: What does the "core" column mean?  
A: A core is the old part you are replacing. When you buy a remanufactured part, manufacturers need the core so they can rebuild it and add it to their inventory. The core charge is like a deposit on a soda bottle--you pay it when you place the order, but it's refunded if you send back your old part. 

Q: Do you have the part I want in stock?  
A: We have in our warehouses over 800,000 part numbers available. From time to time something will be back ordered or discontinued. We will email, or phone you with details, and in most cases we are able to locate the item with a couple of days thru our network of Vintage warehouses and North American parts locator services. 

Q: How many of each item come in a set of brake pads, struts, brake shoes etc.?  
A: Unless the catalog has a note like "pair packaged" or "set of 3", all parts are priced individually. The only exceptions are brake pads and brake shoes, which come in axle sets (one package is enough for both front wheels or both rear wheels). 

Q: What is the warranty on my part?  
A: Please visit our Warranty policy located in the ìPolicy tabî on the home page for more information. 

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